Courses taken at ENSEEIHT
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Department

First Year Courses

HY1A101 - Mathematics: Integration
HY1A102 - Mathematics: Distributions
HY1A103 - Mathematics: Complex Variables
HY1A104 - Numerical methods, Matlab
HY1A105 - Probability - Statistics
HY1A106 - Applied computer software
HY1A107 - Algorithmics and programming - C Language
HY1A108 - Object-oriented programming
HY1A201 - Continuum mechanics
HY1A202 - Analytical Mechanics
HY1A203 - Fluid mechanics
HY1A204 - Linear elasticity
HY1A205 - Thermodynamics
HY1A206 - Introduction to stochastic mechanics
HY1A301 - Aerodynamics
HY1A302 - Hydrometry
HY1A401 - Metrology et computerized simulation
HY1A402 - Electrical engineering
HY1A501 - Financial Management
HY1APIFs - Inter departmental project
HY1AANG1 - English
HY1AAPS1 - Sports

Second Year Courses

HY2A101 - Mathematics, probabilities and statistics for the engineer
HY2A102 - Numerical methods and Fortran language
HY2A103 - Numerical methods for partial differential equations: Finite Differences/Finite Volumes
HY2A104 - Numerical methods for partial differential equations: Finite Elements
HY2A105 - UNIX operating system
HY2A106 - Computer codes
HY2A107 - Mathematics : optimisation
HY2A201 - Fluid Mechanics 1 : General theories
HY2A202 - Fluid Mechanics 2 : Laminar boundary theory
HY2A203 - Fluid Mechanics 3 : Introduction to turbulence
HY2A204 - Compressible flows
HY2A205 - Wave propagation
HY2A301 - Hydraulics in pipes
HY2A302 - Free surface hydraulics
HY2A303 - Groundwater hydraulics
HY2A304 - Hydraulic machinery
HY2A305 - Heat and mass transfer
HY2A306 - Gas turbines
HY2A307 - Design of industrial systems
HY2A308 - Structures mechanics 1
HY2A311 - Structures mechanics 2
HY2A309 - Acquisition and signal processing
HY2A401 - Marketing
HY2A402 - Communication
HY2A403 - Project management
HY2A501 - Long term experimental project
HY2AANG2 - English
HY2AAPS2 - Sports

Third Year Courses (Option Water Sciences and Environment)

Environmental Fluid Mechanics
HY3ASE101 - Atmosphere and ocean fluid dynamics
HY3ASE102 - Coastal hydrodynamics
HY3ASE201 - Geophysical flow transport
HY3ASE202 - Sediment transport in open channel flows
HY3AE401 - Computer codes : Fluent

HY3ASE301 - Ground water hydrology
HY3ASE304 - Transfers in hydrology
HY3ASE302 - General hydrology
HY3ASE303 - Stochastic hydrology
HY3ASE405 - Water in urban environment
HY3ASE408 - Free surface flows Workshop

Environmental System Engineering
HY3ASE402 - Soil mechanics
HY3ASE403 - Calculation and building of dams
HY3ASE404 - Impact of industrial management on environment
HY3ASE406 - Legal aspects of water use
HY3AFP302 - Water treatment and waste processing

Industrial project in environment
HY3ASE501 - Industrial project in environment
HY3ASE410 - Conferences

HY3AANG3 - English
HY3AAPS3 - Sports

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