Courses taken at UC Davis

ATM 120. Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Cloud Physics

Atmospheric composition and structure, thermodynamics of atmospheric gases, thermal properties of dry and moist air, atmospheric stability; cloud nucleation, cloud growth by condensation and collision, cloud models.
Professor Bryan C. Weare

ATM 121A. Atmospheric Dynamics

Fundamental forces of atmospheric flow; noninertial reference frames; development of the equations of motion for rotating stratified atmospheres; isobaric and natural coordinate systems; geostrophic flow; thermal wind; circulation and vorticity.
Professor Terrence R. Nathan

ATM 121B. Atmospheric Dynamics

Dynamics of fluid motion in geophysical systems; quasi-geostrophic theory; fundamentals of wave propagation in fluids; Rossby waves; gravity waves; fundamentals of hydrodynamic instability; two-level model; baroclinic instability and cyclogenesis.
Professor Terrence R. Nathan

ATM 124. Meteorological Instruments and Observations

Modern meteorological instruments and their use in meteorological observations and measurements. Both standard and micrometeorological instruments are included.
Professor Kyaw Tha Paw U

ATM 128. Radiation and Satellite Meteorology

Concepts of atmospheric radiation and the use of satellites in remote sensing. Emphasis on the modification of solar and infrared radiation by the atmosphere. Estimation from satellite data of atmospheric variables such as temperatures and cloudiness.
Professor Ruth A. Reck

ATM 240. General Circulation of the Atmosphere

Large-scale, observed atmospheric properties. Radiation, momentum, and energy balances derived and compared with observations. Lectures and homework synthesize observations and theories, then apply them to understand the large-scale circulations.
Professor Richard D. Grotjahn

ATM 241. Climate Dynamics

Dynamics of large-scale climatic variations over time periods from weeks to centuries. Description of the appropriate methods of analysis of atmospheric and oceanic observations. Conservation of mass, energy and momentum. Introduction to the range of climate simulations.
Professor Bryan C. Weare

ATM 250. Meso-Scale Meteorology

The study of weather phenomena with horizontal spatial dimensions between 2.5 and 2500 kilometers. Methods of observational study and numerical modeling of the structure and temporal behavior of these weather systems.
Professor Shu-Hua Chen

ATM 255. Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere

Principles of numerical modeling of the dynamic, thermodynamic and physical processes of the atmosphere. Hands-on experiments on model development using the shallow water equations and the primitive equations. Operational forecast models.
Professor Shu-Hua Chen

CHN 1. Elementary Chinese

Introduction to Chinese grammar and development of all language skills in a cultural context with special emphasis on communication.
Professor Mary Jacob

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